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" These guys are great! I dropped my iPhone 5 one night after enjoying several adult beverages at the local watering hole. When I awoke the next morning I realized that this was no routine drop of the phone, my screen was cracked to all hell. Obviously seeing this sent me into an instant rage; I started to think how much this drunken mistake was going to cost me and it just pissed me off. I went to Apple and they said it would cost $280 to fix (more than I paid for the phone) so I switched to my old phone and started to look for a place to sell my cracked but still working iPhone. After posting on craigslist I realized people aren't willing to pay top dollar for a broken piece of trash, so I went online. I looked at several "used apple" sites to sell my phone and found that offers $50-60 more than any other site. They offered me $200 which was more than fair considering that was the retail price I paid when I upgraded last year. I printed their label and sent the package off on a Monday and I was rolling in cash by Thursday. The whole process was fast, easy and I would recommend their service to everyone! God Bless you, you are a true American hero. "
"I spilled coffee on my Macbook Pro I just got. Apple told me it was going to be close to $750 to fix it. I ended up selling it to for $350 and found a slightly used one for 900. You do the math. It was a better deal just to buy a new one. THANKS !"
" does indeed, Rock! I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so here goes... When my iPhone 4 screen was badly cracked by the impact of a falling object, I was pretty distressed. The phone still worked, but it requiredscraping up my fingers to operate it. I upgraded to the iPhone 5, but had a phone that still worked beyond the cracked glass. While researching if anyone buys these to repair the glass for resale, I came across They had the cleanest bidding interface, with the most options for payment, which gave me some confidence they had invested in the front end of this business. What was REALLY great is that they offered me more for the phone than two other sites that are well-known in the buyback business. I was admittedly a bit leery about working with a company I didn't know a lot about, but I also did not find any obvious negative review trends while doing research on the web. So, I printed the free shipping label they provided and submitted my phone with charger and all. I really like that they gave me a USPS tracking number on the label, and the post office handed me a tracking receipt when they scanned it at the counter. Today I received an email from stating my status had changed to "Item Received." Within a few hours after that - BINGO - I had an email from Paypal that the money I was quoted had been sent, along with an email that they had paid me. I know this is lengthy, but as I said, credit is due here. I am recommending based on the clean interface, easy shipping process, and even quicker payment upon receipt. Well done, Well done!"

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