How It Works

The iPad

Back in 2010, Apple released the first iPad. It wasn't quite a laptop, but it wasn't quite a smartphone. The iPad lies somewhere between the two as a tablet device. It utilizes a touch screen and a virtual keyboard, which allows users to navigate between apps. The iPad features built-in Wi-Fi, and later generations come with the possibility of celluar connectivity.

Like the iPhone, the iPad is capable of taking photos and shooting video. However, it also works as a computer - you can browse the Internet, play games, and visit social networking sites. The screen size and button placement has been the same through each generation of the "classic" iPad. With a slick black look, the iPad continues to be a major player in the tablet market.

Why Sell to AppleShark?

If you're going to deal with someone, would you prefer to deal with a recognized industry leader with great references, or a shady person in a trench coat that you met off Craigslist? If you're curious about AppleShark, you can find out about our staff and headquarters right here. If you phone, we'll answer - no automated voice to annoy you.

When you deal with us, you're dealing with people who are awesome and smell good. Also, you're dealing with someone who has your best interests in mind. That's why we offer more for your Apple products than our competitors.

Selling Your iPad to AppleShark

The good news? It's not rocket science. Basically, you tell us what type of iPad you have, what kind of condition it's in, and we give you an offer. If you like our offer - and you will - you accept it. From that point, you have 45 days to send your iPad to us, at which point we'll pay you the amount we quoted you. We provide you with a shipping label you can print off, and we cover the expense.

We'll Buy Other Apple Products

Our interest doesn't stop at iPads. Perhaps you're looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5, and want to sell your iPhone 4s to make that possible. Let us know, and we'll help you out.


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