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The Apple TV

The Apple TV with Air Play gives users all of the entertainment they could possibly want in a full 1080p HD. Designed to work as simply as possible, all you have to do to start it up is plug it in and connect it to a high-definition TV with an HDMI cable. In addition to the material users can watch thanks to Air Play, they can also stream music and video from their Macbooks and other Apple devices.

Why Sell to AppleShark?

While we've covered that elsewhere on the site, we'll give you the basic run down. You have two concerns when it comes to selling your Apple product: that you're not getting scammed, and that you're getting a good deal.

We're not some Craigslist scammer. In fact, you can see our HQ and our smiling faces right here. If you call our phone line, we'll talk to you.

Your second concern: money. We won't haggle you into the ground and we won't try and trick you into selling your Apple TV for less than it's worth. In fact, we offer higher quotes than our competitors. Go and check for yourself. We'll wait.

Selling Your Apple TV to AppleShark

At AppleShark, our goal is to make the process of selling your Apple TV as easy as humanly possible. Here's how it will all happen. First, you'll tell us what type of Apple TV you have, and what type of condition it's in. Is it fresh out of the box, or does it no longer work? We'll give you a quote based on those two facts. Once you accept the quote, we give you 45 days to send us your Apple TV, with the promise that the price we quoted won't change in those 45 days. You send your Apple TV to us (we cover shipping) and we pay you.


We'll Buy Other Apple Products

Are you looking to get some extra cash. Well, if you have a MacBook Pro lying around, why don't you check out what kind of quote we can give you?


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